Sea Serpent Orange












I'm shopping for a watch.

After browsing through hundreds of styles, I keep seeing boring designs, over-priced status symbols, and questionable quality.

"I just want a badass-looking, quality, honestly-priced watch!", I frustratingly declare storming out the mall.

On my way home an idea starts brewing in my head...

Maybe I should design my own watch…

Several months later, I'm standing in front of the computer.


My heart is beating faster than I ever thought it could.

I'm sweating, badly.

I'm about to launch a new brand of nautically-inspired watches on WatchUSeek, the hardcore watch enthusiast forum.

The watches look great, they use the best materials and craftsmanship, and I managed to keep the price incredibly low (more on that later).


I’m staring at the big orange button. It reads “Publish”.



On June 29th, 2013, Makara became legend.

The big, bold, and unique design of Makara swept the watch community by storm.

In just a couple of weeks, our first limited edition collection was sold out.

Before even being manufactured.



By becoming a backer of this project, you will help me pay for the first production run, and in exchange you will receive a badass & unique watch with an impressive spec sheet at a deeply discounted price.



Becoming a backer also means you're taking part in a movement: that of disrupting the antiquated retail model where every middleman adds his own unnecessary markup to the final price.



Before going to the drawing board, I set some requirements. These are the 4 things that I decided I would absolutely not compromise on.



With the watch spec'ed out, it was time to get to the drawing board and to get prototypes made. Once the design renderings were done, I produced the technical drawings. I sent those to my manufacturing partner so that they could validate the engineering and feasibility of the Sea Serpent.



My previous experience and my established relationship proved extremely valuable in communicating my requirements and expectations with my suppliers.

We agreed on the different processes that would be used to make the different parts and the specs and design were then locked down.

The next step was to make a set of prototypes that I would use to validate the design on the wrist, to inspect the quality of all components, and to test the durability.



Several months later, I received the prototypes. To put it simply, I was blown away! The Sea Serpent looked great, worked great, and felt great on the wrist. This is in fact the most badass watch I have ever worn.



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